About the Artist

I was born in 1971 and raised in the suburb of Footscray in southern Victoria, Australia.  As child growing up I did all the normal things every kid does; hanging out with friends, exploring  and having fun just being a kid. Being outdoors was a must – riding bikes, playing sports, camping, fishing and of course getting up to a little mischief. Living near the Bay (Port Phillip Bay) we had so many places to explore, setting off on our bmx bikes with fishing rods strapped to the frame and a tackle bag around our shoulders. We would discover fishing spots along inland rivers all the way down to the beaches. This is where the obsession started. My older brother was part to blame as he would take me fishing quite often as well. Being 12 years older he drove me inland, for fresh water fishing from central Victoria up to the border of New South Wales.  In the Snowy Mountains, the little town of Khancoban had become my “home away from home” where we would camp and go fishing in the cold waters of the Upper Murray.  It was here in November of 1998 that I caught the first fish I ever had mounted, a 6-lb Brown Trout.

 The fact that I cant help myself getting into depth paying attention to studying fish anatomy,  colouration and habitat of so many amazing species makes taxidermy something I crave and not just a job so to speak. For me its an obsession and a childhood dream to enjoy what you love doing!

Fishing for Australian Salmon off Artillery rocks,Great ocean road,Victoria


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