Fish Mount Options

There are couple of different methods you can choose from for your trophy. Both skin and reproduction mounts are popular. Which ever method you choose, Andrew Xanth Taxidermy is an excellent choice.
Skin Mount

Skin mounts are done from the fish you catch. Not all fish are suitable for skin mounts due to size or oily skin. If you decide to do a skin mount, here are a few simple rules to follow:


Never cut the fish in any way.


Minimize scale loss by not allowing the fish to flop around.


Keep your fish separate from other fish.


Keep your fish in ice water until you are able to freeze it using one of the methods below.


Take as many pictures as you can.


It is best to take the photos as soon as the fish is landed. The colors will fade fast as the fish dies.

Method for freezing:


Soak a towel in water (large enough to wrap fish).


Wrap the wet fish with the wet towel, completely covering it and taking caution of the fins.


Lay the fish flat into a plastic bag, large enough to accommodate its size without bending or creasing (i.e. garbage bag). Push out as much air as possible, and seal the end of the bag to where air does not leak back in.


Place in freezer on a rigid surface, or as flat as possible, until fish freezes solid.


Do not lay anything on top of the fish.

NOTE: Take extra care to prevent damage to the fish. Small damages can be fixed, but major damage to the fish may not be able to be fixed, and will cost extra.


This will be the method you will want to choose if you want to release your catch, eat it or simply cannot get the fish prepared for a skin mount. For this method, if you want your fish to be as original as the fish you caught, please follow the following directions:


Measure the fish length from tip to tip, and the girth of the widest part of the fish, which is typically in front of the dorsal fin. It is best to use a “soft” tape to get these two measurements.


Take as many close-up photos as you can. However, if planning to release the fish, please minimize the photograph session. Use a digital camera on macro mode if available. The pictures will help enhance the individualism of your fish.

Custom Molds

Another option is to have a custom reproduction made from molding the fish you catch. This option is good for those fish that commercial reproduction is not available due to size or species. Using the latest techniques, I can make a custom reproduction using your fish. For further details, please call.

Contact Information:

Andrew Xanth Taxidermy
Bacchus Marsh, Victoria 3340
0402 430 334

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